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Acupuncture Treatment

Types of Acne

Whiteheads & Common Acne

What causes whiteheads is sebum (oil), a pore clogged with sticky dead skin cells, and acnes bacteria.  A whitehead looks exactly the way it sounds—whitish in appearance. That’s due to what makes a whitehead a whitehead: a thin layer of skin covering the pore, which keeps the oil and dead skin inside from being exposed to oxygen. (Blackheads lack this thin layer of skin, meaning that the pore’s contents do become exposed to oxygen, in turn oxidizing and turning black.)


In Chinese medicine, the skin is controlled by the lungs; acne is commonly a sign of pathogenic heat & toxins in the lungs and intestines. So the Chinese approach to treating acne is to cool the heat, cleanse the lungs, detoxify the intestines, and externally heal the condition.

Cystic Acne

Cystic acne, on the other hand, is a more severe form of acne that comes with large, inflamed, and often painful lesions called nodules and cysts

Chinese Medicine believes that acne is due to the loss of balance on the inside of the body thus making heat and toxic stagnation in the body and blood stasis. Therefore, treatments should address the inner body’s imbalance, clear heat, reduce toxicity, and move blood stasis.

Acne Scarring

The insertion of hair thin-like acupuncture needles in specific areas of the face will provoke a natural reaction of the face by mobilizing blood and energy and activating the skin, subcutaneous and muscular tissues. The action on the vascular microcirculation and the mobilization of superficial energies will have an immediate effect with noticeable improvement of the complexion, skin texture and facial tone.

“The most important approach to fighting acne is looking at the internal aspect.”

Tried & Tested:
The power of Chinese Medicine

Zilch Acne Formula is made up of 17 super potent herbal ingredients that work to reduce inflammation, clear heat and toxicity in the skin and body and promote blood circulation for healing. It’s been tried and tested with an over 90% success rate*
(*A reduction of 80% within 4 weeks from 250 clinic patient reports.)

Acne Treatment Cost

  • New Patient Acne Consult & Treatment: $130 for one 90-minute appointment

  • 12-session Acne package: single payment of $1,200 for twelve 75-minute appointments, to be scheduled twice weekly for six weeks

  • Single Acne follow-up maintenance appointments: $130 per 75-minute appointment, for patients who have already completed an entire 12-session treatment course